A Poem: Shut Up

I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut; to deflate my voice and seal my lips. Because nowadays it seems as if every syllable, every sound is taken to offence and made so profound. So I keep quiet. How do you speak when so often no one wants to hear your voice? When thoughts become poision …


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A Poem: Not To Be

Derived from the famous Shakespearian line within the play Hamlet: “To be, or not to be– that is the question.” Between the acts of A playbook so aged Lies a simple question. An enigma of life, An uncertainty of after. The playwrights pen, Straight to the actors lips. A phrase so vile yet tempting That … Continue reading A Poem: Not To Be

Let’s Talk: Unusual Words… That’s What That’s Called?!

It all boils down to literary deja-vu. Rare words are exceptionally interesting because at some innate level, we all hold an understanding of them. It’s the feelings that are universally understood yet hard to describe. For example, did you know that someone who holds passion for words is called a logophile? Crazy, right?! Through blood, … Continue reading Let’s Talk: Unusual Words… That’s What That’s Called?!