Classic Novel Quotes That Deserve More Love: A Collection

The classics have always held a special place in my heart, much like many others. Here I have devised a small collection of beautifully crafted quotes that I have either read, studied or encountered throughout my journey with classic literature. Enjoy! ” Look! Look… There’s something in the wind and in the hoast beyont that … Continue reading Classic Novel Quotes That Deserve More Love: A Collection

August & September Book Reviews 2019

Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen [ISBN-13: 9780062310644] A dangerous game of two worlds. Personal Rating: 10/10 Sensational is the most fitting world I can possibly use to describe Aveyard’s knockout which is Red Queen. Red Queen follows two entirely different worlds: one of cruelty and slavery and the other of elegance and cunning prestige. Aveyard masterminds … Continue reading August & September Book Reviews 2019

Midnight Poetry

A collection of late-night poems that do nothing but collect dust: I drown myself in the sour taste of beer to forget the sweet taste of you There are words stuck in my throat that I just can’t throw up. Because no one wants to be around a dragon who can’t breathe fire You approached … Continue reading Midnight Poetry

Short Story: Ava

Prompt: Romance/Sad The sun beat down that morning; it’s rays sliding invitingly over the elder woman’s milky skin. Ava tipped her head back slightly, eyes fluttering shut as she enjoyed the warmth that slowly began to overtake her typically freezing limbs. She treasured this time: a moment of peace and serenity – a nice change … Continue reading Short Story: Ava